I am You.

I am all those flattering moments that you wish were recorded somewhere so you can rewind them at times. I am all the misery that puts you down and all the tremble, the cry and the sorrow.

I am your “What should I do now?” question and I am all the answers that wait for their turn to you.

We are one united in seeking our fulfillment, broken in the process of respecting conventions, rejuvenated when living in prayer.  I speak what I feel because this is the only way for us to not only meet, but you to return.

I am you. We use as guide the question “Is it the right thing to do?” whenever we crash into situations that seem to be in our disfavor but could have greater impact on others.

You come with your doubt, I bring my own selection of thoughts and we blend it into a story that could help those who are like us.

My thought is that you landed here for a reason. Life does not just happen but it is guided by a universal mind, driven sometimes by our not always steady hands.We have signs everywhere that lead us to meet our destiny, converting us into Alchemists.

Pay attention to numbers, tingling sensations, changes in weather, calls from people you have not seen for long, tiny creatures sneaking into your life, sudden pains that you might experience, songs that play at the radio, quotes that randomly reach your sight.

Allow awakening! For life has beauty that you can only see if not sleeping.